fare thee well Ken

Ken Jennings’ ends his Jeopardy reign after surpassing $2.5M in winnings in 74 episodes. My son and I watched it as a part of our daily tradition. We’re not sure what we’ll do starting tomorrow.

The audience gasped in amazement, and I felt a small sinking feeling as well. He took it in good spirit, and gave the new lady champion a congratulatory hug. Wow, what a run! I did not pick up any intentional throwing-of-the-game as some bloggers speculated. And yet, if this show was indeed taped in September as kottke.org had been tipped off, the timing by Sony was impeccable to put the Seinfeld-themed of first round of Jeopardy with the Seinfeld DVD release promotional, and to have that happen to match the end of Ken’s run. A small added bonus for its marketing.

2 thoughts I’ll go on record for: my life-impacting decision that I alluded to thinking about got mostly resolved during my weekend in Dallas, that’ll save a lot of agonizing for me, chalk it up to a God-thing. Will share that with you all later.

And now that I don’t have to expend extra effort sorting through my career track planning matters for a while, I’ll have a little space to start writing autobiographically. I’ve had an inkling that I want (and need) to tell my story some time along the way, and rather than waiting to carve out a time and space to focus on that, which isn’t the best way that I do my work anyways, I’ll go ahead and say that I can start doing that here on my blog. Whether it’s pubishworthy doesn’t matter so much. But it’s gotta be blogworthy, and since I write for me and not necessarily for my readers, it is what it is.

To approach it in a non-linear fashion, I’ll not put the pressure on myself to have to chart out my outline first, nor to do it chronologically. I think I’ll just start with the 4 episodes I’d briefly talked about at TYF in September. I might get one in before Christmas. Stay tuned.

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