family vacation included Googleplex stop

Just returned last night 11pm from part 1 of family vacation in the San Francisco Bay area. Now for part 2 of family vacation here in South OC or thereabouts, mostly father & son time until the 4th. Come by our 4th of July BBQ + Swim + Fireworks in Aliso Viejo, any time after 3:00pm; contact me for location and directions. We’ll have incredible view of local fireworks b/c we overlook the town center and park. Back in office on Monday 7/7.

To honor my family by giving them my full undivided attention, I did not pre-schedule any meetups with people, though I did see David Liu [his wife blogs more than he does + team member of scrapbook supplier Maya Roads], Tim Tseng, and Bruce Reyes-Chow [newly elected Moderator for PCUSA] along the way. Plenty of back stories, but I’m on vacation, so the stories will be part of our family memories but not permanently recorded in cyberspace.

Made a spontaneous stop in Silicon Valley. blue bamboo t-shirt Took some effort, but did get entry into Googleplex (Google‘s world headquarters), courtesy an old friend from Carolina days. Walked around the Google campus for about half an hour on an unofficial tour with our (lawyer) host in sandals. I love unofficial. What an amazing place, love their very distinct very cool corporate culture. Don’t know how much of Google work life has been game changer for other companies. One can only hope and dream and vote for change.

At Googleplex, stopped by Google Store for a very soft bamboo t-shirt. Coolest visual was a rotating earth with dots eminating into space, representing web searches from around the world.

Other exclusive family memories: 2 hotel nights free courtesy HHonors. Pyzano’s Pizza. Wall-E on opening night. Rides on BART and Muni buses. Exploratorium. Saw 100s doing CityChase [NOT available in LA]. Tom’s Cookies. Kite flying at Crissy Field and Marina. Napa Valley. Buckhorn Grill. Golden Gate Bridge. Fisherman’s Wharf. Barney’s Burgers. Cafe Do Mundo. Select photos here and here.

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  1. Great to hang out if just for one meal! Hope the trip home was good. Until next time!