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New York Times pontificates on religious bloggers on their radar, in: Faithful Track Questions, Answers and Minutiae on Blogs. Did you pick up the dismissive tone:

“But whether conservative or liberal, most religion-based blogs seem to be created by people on the extremes of the religious spectrum.”

And, for political correctness, links to an interfaith selection of A-list faith-based bloggers: (hope she doesn’t get excommunicated for blogging, or censured, the way a number have been fired for blogging),,,,,,

If they weren’t A-listers before, they are now. Can’t get much more exposure than Even mentions GodBlogCon. Notably absent – yours truly. 🙂

[update 3/6/05] WaPo also chose this weekend to put faith in the spotlight, even on its Metro front page (Sunday’s print edition), The Business of Filling Pews: Congregations Employ Marketing Consultants to Step Up Appeal and on its Style front page, Right With God: Evangelical Conservatives Find a Spiritual Home on the Hill. I’ve not yet checked LATimes to see if this other newspaper juggernaut is doing likewise.

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  1. Steve K. says:

    Hey DJ,

    I’m calling our blogger gathering at the “Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century” conference “GodBlogCon 1/2” 😉

    Steve K.