exploring group blog

I was thinking about the idea of a group blog, and just found one already in the running for years – here it is – Dead Yet Living.. hangin’ with my son this wknd, wife is away at a memorial weekend in Dallas.. she’s fueled up with the latest in emerging culture and faith dialogues, and perhaps will have opp to join/ connect with some progressives in Dallas about it all… working on a message to speak next Sunday, something based on the Father’s heart, being Father’s Day and all. I don’t do public speaking much these days, and probably haven’t done much anyways; occasionally get invites here and there is all, and I’ll archive them here online, those that I manuscript for anyways.. when I was in a groove a while ago, I used to prep a message, and use the very powerpoint slides shown to the audience to speak forth a message, I thought it (and got feedback that was) effective..

recent conv w/ M and we concluded that most people don’t have the clear calling for a life’s vocation or career path, as some driven preachers/teachers will promote; even many (most?) job-seeker guidebooks advise finding a job that fits your passion, but I’m still of the persuasion that many people are not that passionate about life, or at least not a job per se.. that’s my case, i have passions and interests (as you might see from the content on my website), but to connect it to a job somehow takes something away from it.. i like to do what i like to do, but not get constrained with monetary considerations.. Christian ministry is that way for me, I love nourishing spiritual formation, but when it comes to getting paid for it, that quickly got mundane; part of it is this: there are things you have to do on a job that you don’t have to do with a passion.

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