exploring a new kind of blog

I’m thrilled that I can actually blog and talk about my work. This one time anyways 🙂 I’m a part of American Bible Society, which is turning 190 years old, and blogging is a sproutling compared to its institutional history.

We’re beta-launching a new kind of blog tentatively titled “Share Your Story.” This is a different kind of blog, not just one personal voice like most, or a team of bloggers’ stirring up a dialogue. This blog potentially could be an orchestra of voices from people who’ve been touched by the Bible. This is a part of the American Bible Society’s exploration to provide an online space for sharing stories that emerge from the life-changing message of the Bible.

You’re invited to post your candid feedback on how this can be a valuable contribution to the Kingdom of God. You can blog about it at your own blog, or if you can email in your honest comments to [email protected] if you’d like to make your remarks less public but still want to help.

You can also submit a personal short story of how a verse or a passage in the Bible has changed your life. It can be a small change, a la moment of encouragement, comfort, hope, or it can be a big change, a la packing up all your worldly possessions and moving half way around the country for a new lifestyle of following God in the way of Jesus.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hey DJ. Nice work! I like the looks so far. I’m going to mention this over at e-vangelism soon.