experiencing Q all year round

I know there are many who wouldn’t shell out $725 to experience Q live and in person, though there were 750 or so who did. All’s not lost, though; you can get the same content plus more via Fermi Words for an annual subscription of just $59!

Fermi Words = Fermi Shorts + Fermi Talks

Fermi Shorts = chapter-length, essays (also provided as mp3’s) to inform and expose you to the ideas shaping our culture and how the church can influence culture (e.g. Influencing Culture: An Opportunity for the Church by Gabe Lyons)

Fermi Talks = 18-minute presentations on future, culture, church, and/or gospel; 2 Fermi Talks released monthly online — recorded at Q Atlanta in April 2007.

Gabe Lyons introduces Q David Batstone at Q Jeff Johnson kicks it up a notch at Q

Notice the ever-popular open-handed posture? They’re not begging you to subscribe, they’re inviting you to see how big God is and how you can be a conduit of God’s blessing for both special grace (aka salvation) and common grace (aka for the good of the world). I need motivation, inspiration, and insights too. In the Fermi Words lineup are authors like Kevin Kelly, N.T. Wright, Andy Crouch, Steven Garber, Bethany Hoang, Tri Robinson, Brian McLaren; and forthcoming in 2007 and 2008, Fermi is commissioning work from Tim Keller, Rob Bell, E.O. Wilson, Bethany Hoang, Os Guinness, Michael Lindsay, Joanna DeWolf, Tim Keel, Ken Boa, and more.

Andy Crouch kicks off Q Rob Bell at Q Andy Stanley at Q

[disclosure: I get no promotional referral fee for this mention; I have to pay for Fermi Words just like you]

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    heh – there was a lot of open-handed posturing, wasn’t there?