exceeding expectations

(Those of you tuned in for this weekend’s developments with the Leaders Forum) The Forum is running far better than expectations and I give praise to God for making things happen beyond our plans which still had details that weren’t in place after the event commenced. Nerve racking for me, believe you me, but a good but brief nap yesterday, and a soak in the bath tub this morning, were helpful to relax my very tense muscles. I’m feeling quite a bit of sub-surface stress, but it’s not occupying my mind and emotions as much, and that’s a good thing.

Sleep was elusive last night, but I am getting the sense and enough feedback that things are well for many people here. Many came by a leap of faith, and I hope they can see that God showed up and spoke to each of them where they were at in discerning and pursuing their calling. I’ve played a low profile in my interaction, apart from being the moderator to give the event some semblence of coherency, so that the attendees will focus and talk and listen to each other. I hope the impact of that is for good. (A heartfelt thank you to those praying)

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