evolution of social networking

Back when the 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon was the big deal, SixDegrees.com launched as (one of) the first social networking websites. Friendster was going to be the revolutionary next big web app (now patented), then Orkut (Google’s attempt), Tribe.net, hi5, LinkedIn, and many others jumped in. BTW, Social Software Weblog keeps up with trends and rumors on this front.

Then, out of the blue, latecomer MySpace.com emerges and becomes the multi-million-dollar social networking king, no need for first-mover advantage or web2.0-savvy quality-controlled software development. Who woulda thunk?

Christian social networking jump in too with Xianz.com (billed as the Christian alternative to MySpace) and InChristNet, and I hear there is a new one on the verge of launching called MyChurch.org. And, whatever happened to missionster.net (last that Google cache in April) and churchster.org (mentioned in September 2004)?

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13 Responses

  1. I think MySpace.com will die under its own weight. That’s my prediction.


  2. Joe Suh says:

    Thanks for the plug, DJ – although (as you know) we’ve got quite a few bugs we need to iron out! I’m almost embarassed to let the world see it now…

    We think social networking is most effective and useful if its focused on real preexistent communities with f2f interaction – like facebook for colleges and (hopefully) mychurch.org for churches. Web 2.0 is, after all, about community. Somehow myspace with users who have 1000 friends (very loose community) and ads all over the place managed to be tremendously successful… kudos to them.

    We’ll see if a non ad-based social network will survive – ironic I say this, given the above paragraph is a shameless ad 🙂

  3. bumble says:

    I think what we need are something like mychurch.org with a xianz interface. The problem I see is that we need some cyber-community based on real life f2f for authentication, but then it should be able to federated to other cyber-community in proximity (of geographic, demographic, or denominationgraphic – God forbid!)

    However, we must also maintain a myspace presence because that’s where we interface with the world. The network of real life friends also keep other church kids accountable in cyberspace as well…

  4. Chris says:

    “However, we must also maintain a myspace presence because that

  5. Tristy K says:

    I am so thankful Christians are taking back the internet. All was created by God for his glory, God forbid that we let the world dictate to us about marriage, school, government, and the internet. Christians need to step up into their calling and take back as much as they can for God’s glory. I am thankful for sites such as http://www.dittytalk.com (another christian myspace) or my church or calvary praise or the thousands of others. They are needed!

  6. Joshua says:

    Don’t forget about MyPraize.com they are the biggest and first Christian MySpace Alternative on the net…and stil growing fast!

  7. Scott says:

    and now there is http://www.faithvine.com

  8. Stephen says:

    Well add this one to this list for Christian Social Networking sites

    http://www.faithbase.com ~.^


  9. Betsy says:

    Well heres another social networking site that doesn’t limit itself to being only a Christian Social Network or a Christian Social Networking website only. Its called Godkut – When God takes over Social Networking!


    The reason Godkut.com has an edge over counterparts is because it offers more than just regular Christian Social Networking, Social Networking for Christians or Social Networking for protestants. Godkut.com offers Social Networking for Jews, Social Networking for Hindus, Social Networking for Buddhists, Social Networking for Catholics, Social Networking for believers, Social Networking for atheists, Social Networking for spiritualists, Social Networking for agnostics, Social Networking for religious people, Social Networking for believers, Social Networking for Christianity, Social Networking for pastors, Social Networking for preachers, Social Networking for churches, etc.

  10. kimberly thomason says:

    whatever happened to the FaithBase website that was on here about 2-3 years ago? I cant find it anywhere and it had earth tones as colors and strands of wheat at the top left.

  11. Arthur D says:

    Interesting reading this so many years after the original post. Quite a few sites (mentioned here) have come and gone with the wind. Anyway, one more Christian social network to add to the list: http://faithlight.com