Ethics Conference in LA

For those who like (or need) clear answers to hard questions, this events for you [ht: D.J. Crawford]:

Compass at the Crossroads: Hard Moral Questions, Clear Christian Answers

This is an Ethics Conference happening on March 10-11 at the LA Convention Center. Scott Rae, professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology will be the keynote speaker. The event contact for this event is Pastor John Kwak at [email protected]

The host church is hoping for a great turnout from their church, but also praying that everyone will be excited to invite people from outside Living Way. It’s going to be a high-caliber learning time!

For those who are more comfortable with ambiguity and doubt, chew on this one: how come there are so many people who are sure about their answers, and also, at the same time, so many people sure about their doubts?

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  1. Ken says:

    Perhaps this is a false dichotomy. Are there clear biblical answers to basic moral questions? Yes. Are there areas of ambiguity about complex moral issues? Yes.