Erwin McManus drove me to drink

To drink differently, that is.

I’ve heard Erwin (Pastor of ultra-hip Mosaic LA) mention his love for coffee and/or espresso drinks, on several occasions (via podcast, not live, yet). He describes how our sense of taste doesn’t come from the tongue sensors alone. A part of it comes through the nose via the sense of smell. He soothingly coaches his listeners (and in turn, me, mesmerized and hypnotized) to take the plastic cover off the paper cup, precociously hugged with the extra cardboard holder made of post-consumer recycled paper, and to drink it with the lid off. (Would it be inappropriate to say “topless” here?)

I have since noticed now I subconsciously habitually remove the lid to drink my half-caf grande drip with room, and my grande soy latte, 2 of my most frequently ordered drinks. As if the caffeine alone wasn’t addicting enough.

My name is DJ, and I have a drinking habit.

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5 Responses

  1. daniel so says:

    DJ — Most of the time, the mass quantities of coffee I drink are just the vehicle to deliver my caffeine fix. I just removed the lid of my medium Americano (with an extra shot) and just got blasted in the face with the intense aroma & flavor. Definitely makes a different experience… maybe kind of a postmodern, multisensory thing 🙂

  2. Deneen says:

    Erwin McManus has created the same unconscious habit in me…whenever I buy coffee, I take off the lid so that I can fully experience the coffee contained in the cup. It’s odd that you blogged about it today because the other day I thought of one of his sermons as I was taking the lid off of my latte 🙂

  3. Bo says:

    Now that I’m in Seattle where a paper cup w/plastic lid is part fashion accessory and where every trash bin overflows with them, I’ve encountered my first coffee snob experience. The other day one of my colleagues brought Starbuck’s Christmas blend to a faculty mtg and a discussion ensued on how this year’s blend compared to last year’s blend. That was a first for me – like I remember how it tasted last year.

    I must say though that after your diatribe against Pinkberry 🙂 (which I like – you gotta try it w/mochi – but agree is way overpriced) can you justify spending 3.50/day for coffee? Pinkberry/Red Mango is a 1/mo experience for me. Even if you buy drip (which is all I buy unless I’m at the QCafe) it’s still 1.75/day. For me I’d rather drink my made at home drip and splurge on a Pinkberry once in a while. But for now I’m on a Pinkberry boycott until they lower their prices – you get way more bang for your buck at Jamba Juice.

  4. djchuang says:

    I’m sitting here at Starbucks with a grande half-caf no-whip MOCHA, and drinking it (for the 1st time I remember) with the lid off. What a great aroma of hot cocoa wafting over the warm drink. It’s not very wintery here in Southern Cal, but this drink reminds me of childhood days, coming in for a hot cocoa, after playing or shoveling snow for an hour in the cold of winter on the East Coast. Ahhhhh….