empty Starbucks storefront

during my morning coffee/latte run, I went over to the (former) Starbucks at Magruders in Rockville (Maryland), and it just upped and closed, no signage or explanation; must’ve been recently.. last time I was there might’ve been a month or two ago.. I’d never experienced a Starbucks closed, and with no forwarding address, and just checked the online Starbucks store locator, that store is still listed, but the phone number disconnected.. I hope that they found a better location in downtown Rockville, but this sudden silence is jarring. And disappointing. Starbucks, if you’re listening, next time you decide to close down a store and/or relocate, leave a note behind on the old storefront, okay?

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No Responses

  1. it’s going to be ok, dj; it’s going to be fine. just take a deeeep breath. focus….. there – that’s better.



  2. Anna says:

    Wow… spoken like a true starbucks junkie… I sympathize. That news is truly disturbing. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on EC.