emergent reality

reality check about online communication, Emergent, and journalism: with great events like Emergent Convention now running twice annually and bi-coastal [special thanks to all the people who put lots of time and energy into planning and working it, I know how much it takes to put together small events for under 100 just by myself and a few others, would imagine the Herculean task of pulling off an EC Nashville], there comes a wide barrage of feedback, more on the negative side than the positive, and that is part of the deal with how feedback works; the people who enjoy an event often don’t say much more than a curt thanks, while those who are concerned and passionate for something often have much to say..

when it comes to online communication, I’m finding out myself personally, as well as reading blogs, that perception of the reader reigns supreme, unfortunately.. what helps those who communicate virtually (via blog, email, IM, msg board, chat room) is the latitude that the readers give to the writer (author) more freedom to use words loosely, rather than to react to every word or thought expressed online.. if an author wanted to be offensive, s/he could certainly use language to convey more venom and heat (aka flame), BUT if an author is venting or embellishing or wondering-out-loud, the readers need not take it personally or react correctively.. words only convey 20% or so of the authorial intent, communication experts say.. so let the readers beware..

now, as for Emergent, it’s really a small spark of a thing, in the landscape of things.. maybe a dozen or so published, but believe you me, you’d be surprised to hear what actual sales are for even the leading title.. I’m not permitted to say what I’ve heard off-the-record, but it’s far from epic proportion.. same thing with blogs and blogging, even for a progressive crowd like the EC Nashville mix, I was more often confronted with the question “what’s a blog” than welcomed as a veteran blogger.. and there’s something that just makes a guy wince and cringe, when a woman uses the word small with an accompanying hand gesture to describe the reality of how small the emergent conversation really is..

and, as blogging has some similarity to journaling, and journalism, good news isn’t much news, for some reason perhaps connected to our depravity, people prefer to read bad news, hear salient rants and opinions, tune in to sensational exclusives and scoops.. saying happy and positive things is flat and saccharine and borders on boring.

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