emergent convention 2x sold out

this entry will track the conversations that emerged from the 2x sold out Emergent Convention last week, wish I coulda been there.. to hobnob and namedrop like Rudy, his was the only live blogger I’d found when it was happening.. first, some pre-convention comments for promotional purposes.. some powerpoints from presenters (scroll to bottom).. tapes & CDs from the convention for sale (maybe someone will rip ’em into MP3 and illicitly distribute ’em?).. a photo album of a crew from Texas, who stalked out Mr. Miller, author of an almost controversial LJ article re: postmodern ministry, and Chris Seay’s response on behalf of the pioneering proponents.. a few comments from Tim Keel (where we learn conventioners weren’t wifi enabled).. Mark Freier didn’t expect to be wireless disabled either.. Todd Hunter was there.. Joel McClure’s most detailed reflections.. ianua’s encounters with Brian McLaren and Anne Lamott; I’m glad ianua felt at home, and her extra reflections i and ii.. Steve Lewis met a lot of people there.. Leb’s Rant about it.. Laura collected questions.. Mike Todd came south of the border.. Laurie made the pilgrimage.. Tom Smith celebrated their 5th anniversary there.. Pagitt got rested & energized, + will write more when he gets centered again.. Andrew prompted some responses from Charlie, Kevin, & Brian.. some personal thoughts and copious notes from Danny Yang.. others thought about going but didn’t — sednobis, elifan..

(hold the shift-key down when you click on one of the links above, to open in new window)

Emergent’s bulletin board thread started up by someone getting over jetlag: Where do we go from here?, which triggered a new thread A New Theology.. Brian McLaren prompted some more Reminisce & Converse..

TheOoze discussion board’s got a thread going: how was it?.. and my own prod for vicarious experiences at mo better po mo..

and, rather than making additional entries when I find more conversations, I’ll just add them to this one.. so, this will be a morphing entry, since I’m using Blogger Pro and on April 8th, the conversation circles back around to Kevin Miller, who’s starting to ask questions, which might mean he’s starting to get it.. this is my story, this is my Emergent Convention blog..

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  1. Jake says:

    Hey, I stopped by.Jake from http://www.jakerinard.comNice site.

  2. kelly says:

    Me wanted to go. Oh well. Instead me and Josiah and Micah watched The Four Feathers, which was a good film about self-sacrifice.

  3. Mike Todd says:

    Thanks for the summary… Think I’ll link to it. I’ve got another 40 pages of notes from the conference that I need to go through once things settle down, but it’s great to see what others have been saying.