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From the hot-off-the-presses Leadership Network Advance email newsletter:

Baker Books and Emergent Village Announce Series

Baker Publishing Group (Baker Books) and Emergent Village, a nonprofit network of church leaders, have announced a new series of books with the first title set to be released in the spring of 2007.

The first book in the series will be An Emergent Manifesto of Hope by Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones, eds. (Baker Books, $16.99, April 2007). The book “will represent a snapshot of the main issues being considered in the emerging church, while also outlining important issues and opportunities within contemporary Christianity as a whole,” Pagitt said.

Emergent Village gathers practitioners and scholars for conversation and missional action around the issues of Christian theology, practice, spirituality, justice and church life. The network developed in the 1990s and includes Christian leaders from progressive evangelical, mainline Protestant and Roman Catholic backgrounds.

[update: listen to 15-minute podcast of book pitch by Doug Pagitt, ht: pomomusings; also cf. conversation between Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones]

And they also posted a sound bite from yours truly:

Bloggers Play Increasing Role in Book Promotion

People who create online web logs, known in the cyber world as bloggers, are credited with everything from swaying the outcome of the recent Southern Baptist presidential elections to enabling Christians around the world to rethink how church should be done. In Leadership Network’s experience, they are also playing an increasing role in getting word out about new books.

The organization’s most recent title, The Multi-Site Church Revolution (Zondervan publishers), sold out its first printing in six weeks, a sales rate that was greatly helped by 36 different blogs that promoted it. “Because blogging allows anyone to instantly speak to the public in a compelling and candid manner, content can be much more easily accessible and distributed beyond traditional means,” says D.J. Chuang, who has been blogging at www.djchuang.com since 1999.

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