elusive motivation

is now becoming elusive sleep.. the past week or so was intent on slowly down to enjoy the holidays, and I’m one of those persons who doesn’t know what to do with myself on vacation. I did get good quality time with family, and still did have time left over, and I did not feel the motivation to do anything in particular. I did not veg’ out on videos, as a number of other bloggers had confessed.

So today I’m feeling a bit more motivated, perhaps from the new year. Took down the outdoor holiday lights yesterday, and even went biking a few miles. Then a little tidying up around the house. Then working on my website, and that’s what ate up my time.

Now it’s midnight.

I’ve not been able to find the time to migrate my website from HTML (previously generated by MovableType) into wiki syntax, and realized there’s lots of broken links there, and an old template. I started to fix the template on a few pages, and that’s all she wrote. Finished 3 of ’em. Will slowly work my way down the list along the left navigation menu in the next few weeks or months.

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