egalitarianism clashes pragmatism

biblical egalitarianism [aka evangelical feminism] is a great theory (and I love theories) that asserts that men and women are equal in every sphere of life, particularly in the church and family life, and the various roles and positions associated with such..

I’m okay with the idea, but riddle me this: how does it work in real life, especially with a family? Among those male ministry leaders who endorse egalitarianism, it looks to me like they have wives who take on the motherly role and do not work a full-time career of her own, (in other words, the husband and wife voluntarily take on traditional roles, and so the husband is able to achieve ministry success) BUT where are the examples of egalitarian-endorsing ministry leaders who have spouses who have successful careers of their own, and have a thriving family? Hmmmm? How does a double-income-with-kids family unit make it all work without having day-care workers / nannies / extended family (e.g. grandparents) raising their children? Or is that the unspoken consequence of the theory?

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