edging towards burnout?

Perish the thought that crossed my mind this week, as I sat at my office cubicle, with 3 LCD screens before me (2 laptops, 1 with an extra screen for extra desktop space, very nice), and I wondered if I was feeling close to burnout with ramped-up workload between my 2 jobs, which I had been doing mostly well with for the past 3+ years..

but this summer has taken more effort for me to do them, one b/c of event planning that comes around once every 3 years (and I get weighed down by details), the other b/c of my change in role at ForMinistry.com, away from software programming towards customer relations, and my developing processes and beginning to manage workflow and stuff.. I don’t know the terms people use for business operations, so I kinda invent my own terms which may or may not work the most efficiently to communicate the best to those I need to work with.. but it’s a start, and a good start, just that when the thought of me, of all people, feeling a little overload of Internet, I said to myself, oh my, what’s wrong? I love the Internet, how could I ever get too much of it, or get sick of it? No way! I got that Gallup strength theme of INPUT, so doesn’t that mean I never have to fear information overload?!

knowing my own vulnerabilities, I decided to not push myself harder to get more of the challenging tasks done, stayed with easier tasks, tried to pace myself, Googled a bit to begin reading up on burnout, and food and mood, to raise my awareness of how to take care of myself, something I easily neglect..

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  1. will says:

    Burnout is real! I don’t care what your Gallup strength is. I’m glad to see you are reading about food and mood, because there is such a relationship between food and spiritual/mental/physical well being.

  2. Jen Lemen says:

    hang in there, deej!