EC San Diego vicariously

experience (read about) EC San Diego through the eyes of other bloggers, including:,,,, [also:,, drybonesdance,, laurasmind, tammyjo, jennranwez, dannyyang, wesroberts, epicjourneys, naomischwenke] .. I’ll be at EC Nashville, may be able to blog from there right here.. and just caught Rudy on camera, roaming the hallways there at EC, meeting people instead of sitting put in a session..
Rudy on vchat + cellphone at EC 2004 San Diego

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  1. Cleave says:

    well, i’ll be looking for you at nashville then!

  2. Distance Learning from Emergent
    Like many other good people out there, I am following this week/weekend’s Emergent Convention in San Diego vicariously through some of the blogs being written by people who are there. Here’s a (growing) list of them: Anna Aven (a female…