EC part 8

thrilled to have enjoyed dinner conversations with a colleage and Andy Crouch last night.. a majority of our time delved into the exchange that was triggered here at this very blog about the 5 perspectives about emerging church book, so it felt like a good follow-through.. much of the conversation that hour or so is off-the-record, and with our respective vested interests (in terms of organizations and titles and perceived expectations by others for our ‘public’ voice and persona), I feel I need to refrain from revealing other salient details.. now if Andy were to blog about it, that’d be another thing.. but I can speak for myself, and that from the conversation, I was able to articulate a little more of my concept of multi-churching and how I embrace and engage a wide variety of Christian faith expressions, be it high church liturgy, edgy postmodern visual experiential unpolished style, typical contemporary evangelical, thoughtfully nuanced cognitive systematic teachings, and even an occasional Orthodox fix..

[this is worth more cogent description, but this being a blog, and I’ve got other things to attend to, I’ll just make a mention and bookmark my thought about it here]

my first veejay gig went okay.. we wrestled with huge technical difficulties trying to get the Mac with the projector and switch, it was an embarrassing moment for them Mac fanatics; he even asked for the door to be closed during setup, while we struggled to corral the Mac to play along with the other technical equipment, but true to Mac form, it wants to be in its own elitest world [yes, I’m stirring the caldroun of the ol’ PC vs. Mac debate].. I’ll give the Mac people this: that we do hear of those who switch from PC to Mac, but not really those who go from Mac to PC..

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