EC part 7

some of the best conversations (and content, for those of you who like that category and label) happen outside of the official program.. [and looks like some of the best blogging happens off-site, especially when there’s NO WIFI at the event!] I was outside of the seminar rooms most of today, and hung out with the peoples.. opted out of the 1:30pm seminar, b/c it was almost 2, and it dawned on me that it would’ve taken me the first 30 minutes to get acclimated to a British accent (aka Queen’s English) that I’d miss whatever else is pitched, then saw Spencer coming up on the escalator while I was on the down escalator, opted out, made a U-turn back up, hung out with him for a while at the author’s nook (there’s a portion of the hotel lobby by the restaurant where many authors, and publisher types, seem to be graviting towards for those power conversations, not that ours was), and we dreamed… we dreamed.. and dreamed some more. We aren’t ready for the reveal just yet, the idea gots ta have some time to incubate and develop..

tech tip of the day, courtesy Michael Toy: Mozilla Firefox has a great feature called “keyword bookmark”, I’ll have to try that out when I get back to my pc.. (I am switching over from MSIE, for the tabbed browsing and find-as-you-type)

just got on the laptop at the digital lounge after Cheryl Glen, clearing out an annoying and almost offensive default browser home page (that’s the problem with these shared terminals, with users that inadvertently clicked where they shouldn’t), and after our dialogue, she will soon be enabling an RSS feed.. look forward to it!

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