EC part 6

this is a mini-episode entry.. 7:30am- Emerging Women Leader’s breakfast, 2nd gathering (1st one being San Diego) – proud of Jen being introduced as a “professional blogger”, she represents us well 🙂 .. a wonderful time, new voices, new lights emerging.. poignant words that surfaced: lonely, dismissed, okay to have & release tears, bearing pains, grasping for resources anywhere & everywhere, permission to be all that God calls, gratitude, new possibilities, hope.. my reactionary reflections: God being both male and female, rather than neither male and female.. good to hear the confession of female competitiveness (catty), amidst of institutions where we certainly see male competitveness, which overspills into patriarchal paternalism (speaking as a person who doesn’t have an ounce of competitiveness, so fwiw)..

the underlying question that’s surfaced for me over the past 48+ hours, that hasn’t been asked in this way, at least not that I’ve heard — how does the church respond (and love, and accept) those with whom she disagrees (and differs)? (in such a way that acceptance exudes warmth and love, while not condoning and agreeing) Or, shorter version, how do we treat the other? And his big question applies to the multicultural church issue from Wednesday, applies to emerging culture transition, the gender issues…

and while here at digital lounge, overhearing the production at the NPC stage, the words that surfaced about this transition thing: a shift from “happy” to “honest”….. would we all go there together?

I sent out 5 text messages via SMS to others I know (and have cell phone #s) to here, when I just discovered on my art errand, that there’s a free lunch today across the street from the convention center.. wonder how fast the word will get out, and how many of my conventioneering friends will enjoy lunch gratis, courtesy of 2 local radio stations and sponsors.. (I got okay from the sponsors to invite my new friends)

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  1. rudy says:

    npc tech production – say hi to travis reed for me

  2. jen lemen says:

    deej, it was so great to have you there. i felt blessed to have your friendship in that moment.