EC part 5

2pm- sat in remainder of Will Willimon’s seminar, excellent dialetic response by one of America’s top preachers and Duke Chapel minister, about the whole approach and content and meaning of evangelism.. cutting sarcasm, gestures, and wonderful dance of words and conversations.. best sound bites: the Gospel according to Willimon = “It’s all mine and I’m going to get it back, even if I have to die for it.” … “maybe evangelism is helping people realize they really don’t want to be with Jesus” … “it’s great they don’t get it right away.. it’s going to take some time” … “Jesus never said to agree with me, He said follow me”

6pm- Lauren Winner speaks of the Jewish prayer of Shema.. and how it might suggest how the church should live in the redeemed world, still being redeemed.. its first line holds an important and routine part of Jewish daily life.. [as if a reverberating echo throughout every chapter and page of Jewish life].. the habitual spiritual practice [as if to connect to a common reference point].. Lauren shares that she’s finishing up a book on chastity in the next 3 weeks, on Christianity and sexual ethics.. retelling the story to one another, so that we can grow with each other in community and accountability.. retelling the story over and over and over.. the reconstruction of a culture doesn’t happen over night.. requires reminding each other what we believe, when we don’t feel it, when we’re prone to wander..

7pm- the covert blogger meetup over dinner, excellent time, best blogger meetup I’ve been to 🙂 rumors overheard: Real Live Preacher is actually Michael Toy, Andrew Sullivan and Matt Drudge made guest appearances, Left Behind vanity toilet paper rolls will be coming to a store near you, one amateur blogger will photoblog his written journal, origins of the city affectionately named NashVegas was skillfully deconstructed, one blogger joyfully shared that “Andrew Jones saved my life”, and Jen Lemen by speakerphone in abstensia.. we absolved one another as we confessed our neurosis with stats checking.. even tho’ I wore a shirt declaring “I’d blog this”, I actually did not pull out my laptop to blog it, and won’t be able to give you the lineup accounting for all present, but I recall at least 4 digital cameras being pulled out to capture the group photo.

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  1. Man! You’re making me fight back that envy-temptation thing!

    Don’t get me wrong, our EC-San Diego “bloggers breakfast” was great, but…

    so, were any of those digital cameras of the video variety? 😉

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. I’m loving your blogs. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Dale says:

    Hey all,

    I did about 30 seconds of video at the table…..why you ask?

    Also, I was glad to be able to meet all of you there, and see you , DJ. Thanks for blogging these thngs…..I’ve ebeen looking today for refelections on EC, since I was not able to attend the conference stuff…..