eavesdrop on Eugene Cho and Gideon Tsang

It is indeed a rare occasion to get Eugene Cho and Gideon Tsang in the same room, and this recent Asian American Leadership Conference pulled it off. Both of them are being the church in a new way within their local context, often asking the question: “What would it look like…” That workshop was titled:

“Emerging Into Mission: The Substance And Over Hype Of The Emerging Church” What is an appropriate response to the emergent buzz over the last decade? Join us, with the context of your city and community, in a conversation on emergence and mission. (Eugene Cho, Quest Church/Q Cafe, Seattle, WA and Gideon Tsang, Vox Veniae, Austin, TX)

I caught the last hour of the 3-hour extended workshop (which supposedly was entirely recorded in whole by the event organizers, if the technologies don’t glitch, they’ll get it online by next week or so)

I turned on my digital recorder, which sat in the front row, so it’s not production-quality acoustic. I was surprised LT Tom didn’t turn on his webcam, as he’s been known to do.

You can eavesdrop like a digital fly on the wall, and hear what they said in the raw:

What questions would you ask Eugene and/or Gid? The conversation continues, right here, online.

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No Responses

  1. William Woo says:

    Thanks for the link on crossposting and all the cool stuff you find and post online.


  2. eugene says:

    i really hope people listen to gid’s presentation. it was phenomenal. i was just tempted to call the workshop at that point.

    peace dj.

  3. djchuang says:

    I wish I coulda heard Gid’s story live, I’ve only heard bits and pieces over the years. But I was double-booked and had a schedule conflict earlier that day. 🙂

  4. LT says:

    that was some really good stuff that eugene and gid had shared with the group. i’m glad that it was real and honest. you guys are living it.
    dj, i didn’t turn on my cam cause i think there was a clause somewhere in the handbook about recording…i really really really wanted to.