eat my pizza

I ordered my 1st BFD pizza from Domino’s tonight for dinner with the boys (my boy Jeremiah has a friend over for a sleepover). You can have the very same personalized pizza that we ate — order up BFD #3299, known as “Foodie’s Delight“.

On the BFD page, click on the blue “See all registered BFDs” button on the lower left side, scroll down the left column and under “Go to registered BFD”, enter “3299” (without quotes), click on the “GO” button. Click on “Add to Cart”. Click on “Checkout”. Enter your delivery or pickup info, and you’ll be eating my pizza in about 30 minutes. And as an added bonus, use their “pizza tracker” to see when your pizza is being prep’d, baked, boxed, and delivery on its way.

Here’s what is on the “Foodie’s Delight” pizza:

1 Large(14″) Hand Tossed Pizza,
Whole: Extra Cheese, Extra Sauce, Italian Sausage,
Left: Bacon, Extra Large Pepperoni, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions,
Right: Ham, Pepperoni

Bon appetit!

Foodie’s Delight

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