Easiest and Cheapest WordPress Hosting is RapidPress. Here’s why.

WordPress is currently used by over 60 million and almost 20% of Internet websites! (at time of this post) The free wordpress.com option is really handy for launching blogs and basic websites, but you may find yourself outgrowing it pretty quickly when you want any customization or extra functions. (Noticed I used the word WHEN not IF.) Here’s the best way to upgrade.

RapidPress is the best upgrade I’ve found to date. This extremely simple 1-click installed self-hosted WordPress makes that upgrade very easy and very cheap. Would you believe the annual cost is $29.95 per year? (at time of this writing) Pair that up with a domain name in the same online store from Name.com (domains across the board have an annual cost of starting around $15/year, and up, or you can get domains with less-popular extensions for $10/year, or even one of those new gTLD domain names) and you’re all set!

Even if you were to take the default upgrade path from WordPress.com to add customization and functions, it’d cost at least  $73/year ($13 mapping + $30 design + $30 no ads) and you still can’t add plugins and you’d have a 3.0 GB space limit.

RapidPress is a WordPress package offered by Name.com and they’re right when they say:

RapidPress is cheaper than if you were to go directly through WordPress to get your website. … a WordPress website that’s sleek, functional and fantastic. With RapidPress you get all the flexibility, options and plugins for either a blog or a static page for your business.

The next low-cost self-hosted WordPress solutions run at minimum $59+ per year (cf. 3 other popular WordPress web hosting services that are recommended on the official WordPress site.) Aside: here’s how WordPress explains the difference between WORDPRESS.COM vs WORDPRESS.ORG.

What others have to say about RapidPress:

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