duck season. travel season.

Duck season. Wabbit season. No, it’s travel season. And boy am I glad it’s about to be over. After 5 weeks in a row of travel, the novelty has worn off. One more waiting to board a plane, United flight 229 to San Diego. Terminal C here at IAD has a handy T-Mobile hotspot, but not all terminals do (yet?). 3 days in sunny and warm San Diego while metro DC drops into the teens. I’ll be at the thrice-sold-out Multi-Site Conference and drop in at the National Pastors Convention. Mark Driscoll will be there. Stephen Shields (now in black) went on record saying he’ll be live-blogging it.

Alex McManus emailed me (via an Humana email newsletter) that there are 3 trajectories of western culture. Compelling title for a short podcast, I’m sure it’s worth a listen.


I’m curious to learn more about Alex’s International Mentoring Network he started in 2004. But I don’t have the time and luxury to attend one of those conferences in person, though that is the best way to learn about it. From what I’ve read and heard, they’ve got a great synergy between intense relationships and StrengthsFinder assessment.

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  1. tony sheng says:

    hey dj
    ill be at humana 2.0 and really looking forward to it. i’m sure ill be posting notes when i get back and i may be doing an audio post here and there from it.

  2. djchuang says:

    Tony, glad you’ll be there, that’s awesome! I’m out here on the West Coast, so it’s kinda a schedule conflict this go around. Will have to find a day to meetup together to debrief your experience there, and just to hang out with you on how life is treating you!