DSL exile at home

[a lost entry reconstructed]

For those of you keepin’ score at home, I am still dial-up at home (see SOL on DSL).
My previous DSL provider Earthlink still has not removed the signal
from the phone line, and my new provider Verizon cannot activate new
DSL service until they do. Different CSRs have told me different times
on how long it’d take to turn off a DSL signal: 72 hours, 5-10 business
days, 2-4 weeks. Earthlink has reassured me that the DSL signal
deactivation notice has gone through on 1/4/05. Days has turned into
weeks is turning into months.

On this website here,
tonight I finished cleaning up old blog entries that didn’t quite
import correctly, and fixed raw HTML into hyperlinks on over 100
entries from 2003. And migrated my Tim Keller page to the current template (plus added a few new links). About another 2 dozen pages to go.

On the job side of life, very excited to discover a new initiative called the Web-Empowered Church. Will be featured in the eQuip blog on Monday.

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