drawing a blank

I got awoken in the middle of the night, slowly catching up on my Bloglines feeds, a mostly hopeless effort. So many people are writing so much faster than I can possibly read, much less scan (skim).

Good to see Pagitt and Rudy enter the world of vlogging; I’m still scrambling to find bandwidth and more web space (free would be great; I can’t get ourmedia.org uploading to work as of late). And, at the moment, I’m drawing a blank at jenlemen.com – hope it’s not gone dark already, like she’s threatened on several occasions.

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  1. lucas says:

    i’ve had this same problem man… i just can’t keep up. so i don’t. it’s freeing to let go. today i’m excited to read some blogs because it’s been too long. our culture is an information overload waiting to happen.