Drats.. my last entry got

Drats.. my last entry got zapped, ‘cuz I hit the wrong button… I think they call it momentum.. when I get connected with people all over the place, more often recently than ever, it sorta keeps on coming.. can’t explain it, but it’s happening.. most intersting (and prominently) is Parade Magazine‘s annual “What They Earn” issue (I’m on page 14 under Martha Stewart).. yes, my salary too is now public info 🙂 to me, it’s just a number, and I don’t see most of it due to taxes anyways. If you see my lifestyle (yes, come hang out with me, drop me a line), I’m not particularly good at spending it, nor investing it. It’s a learning curve for me, now that everybody in the world knows what I made in 2001… 🙂

If you’d like to demystify salaries, email me your name, city, job title, and salary, and I’ll build out a page with a whole list of salaries of djchuang.com visitors, okay?

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