domain name thank you

A word of thanks (and link love) to the guy behind for giving away the domain name, and being so very promptly to get it transferred to yours truly. Thank you!

Apparently, there’s a line of business for domain names buying and selling. A pretty big business if you get the right buyers. Would you believe it’s better than real estate? You can buy for $1450, so maybe I was gifted something potentially quite valuable! 🙂

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  1. Joe Suh says:

    Good domain names are certainly very very valuable. I offered a 5-digit sum to the fellow who owns and it was immediately rejected (not even a counter-offer). He’s had the domain with nothing on it since 1995! Apparently he’s saving it for retirement. Domain squatters. I can’t stand em, but give them kudos for their foresight.

    What a nice guy to give away his unused domains. Any plans on what you’ll put up?

  2. Paul says:

    It’s not a problem. Glad you like the domain!