djchuang in The City

What a time in the city of cities– I love new york! The energy pulsated thru my body soon as I stepped off the train and hit the pavement at Penn Stn after my late nite ride in from Newark airport.

Attended and live-twittered the Q conference fr Wed morning to Fri noon, metup with lots of great kingdom-minded people, incl 2 dinner parties and reception w next gen Asian Ams + 1 Canadian, 2 miniature stogies on the balcony w Brian Kim of NOC. Great times + connects + conversations.

Annoying thing was data network outages at least 2x a day. What’s up with that?! (AT+T EDGE ntwk)

Unexpectedly hit the wall yesterday afternoon – the wall of exhaustion. I humbled myself, even cancelled an appointment, and slowed down. Took a 2 hour nap. Wound down with Szechuan cuisine a la Sichuan braised fish fillet in triple-spicy chili just in time before kitchen closed. Exhiliaratingly hot! Sweating soggy as I left, as last ones out.

Gonna take it slower/easier until Sunday– not gonna cram in 7 meetings a day; 2 on docket for today. 1 poor guy on train announced he was short $2.50 for train ride- I’m not a cash guy, and wasn’t sure about believing him.

Working on my local itinerary for tomorrow/Sunday to worship at as many NYC churches as possible, then off to dine w/ Peter Ahn for Sunday supper. Don’t want to lug around my luggage all day after hotel check-out- but haven’t figured that dilemma out yet.

Come early Monday morning, flight to next stop in Seattle, for the multisite exposed conference @ Mark Driscoll’s homebase- Mars Hill Church.

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  1. Imei says:

    Hi DJ!
    You have an aggressive travel schedule. Can’t wait to see you in Seattle. A small yoga class awaits you — let’s catch some healthy food afterwards if you can spare the time. I have two questions for you, as a progressive thinker. What exactly is a “twitter”, and who started twitters and tweets (what’s the dif?)? And, what do you think is wrong with people boycotting the visit of the Dalai Lama because his message of compassion is not oriented in Christian thought? There have been some nasty posts by Christians in Seattle, who oppose the visit of the Dalai Lama, but they sound pretty angry, frightened, and somewhat misinformed to me.

  2. DJ,
    It was great to meet up with you at Q and make a few connections! Thanks again for your twittering…hoping to hear about the multisite coming up the same way!

  3. djchuang says:


    I’ve been describing Twitter as text-message blogging. You can try it out at — tweets are the noun. twitter or twittering is the verb. I’ve found it most useful at conferences to meetup with other twittering people, or for conference note-taking, and sharing them in real-time with the public.

  4. imei says:

    Got it twitters and tweets. Just didn’t understand why some people were referring to it on Facebook at times…

    See ya soon!

  5. Jenni Catron says:

    DJ – it was great to meet you at Q! I can relate to hitting “the wall” of exhaustion. I was feeling it Friday afternoon on the flight back to Nashville. After absorbing so much great content, my mind was full. Hope to connect with you soon at another conference. If you are ever in Nashville, give me a shout!

  6. Terry says:

    Some hotels will keep your luggage for you behind the front desk after you check out. I have done it. Perhaps you can too. Of course you have to trust the staff.