dinner party with a friend

Now that Jen Lemen is no longer blogging, she is hosting more porch parties at her new digs. The Lemenheads are on pace for doing a big deal every weekend, almost! Today’s occasion was to celebrate Ginny Hammond’s 60th birthday! So beautiful and warm to see family members come from up and down the East Coast to be together. The incredible spread of food delighted everyone young and old.

jenlemen vlogJen started to say that if she were still blogging, she’d blog about this special time. But, lo and behold, I had my lil’ dove-bar sized camera, and captured her bloggish thoughts on this vlog [Windows Media format; 4.9mb].

I brought a friend who uses Xanga, and we bloggers tried to convince her to expand her horizon’s to the blogosophere beyond the little world of Xanga. Of course, other bloggers were at the festivities: Marel, Kristen of Cookie’s Delight and Cookie’s Pictures (I took dozens of photos on her very nice camera; gotta get me one of them), and Patience (you might know her as Patch, of the Soul Sisters).

Oh, and while I was out, my computer finished uploading hundreds of photos taken by my 8-year old son Jeremiah
. He was armed with a digital camera in Albuquerque this summer and went crazy. Do you think he’s got what it takes to be a professional photographer?

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  1. natala says:

    wow, i love the video – good job! i think you’ve got a pro on your hands with your son!

  2. Kristen says:

    DJ, I’m working on getting all the pictures up. I’ll let you know when they are there.