digital lifeline

someone handed me a lifeline a few minutes ago, and now it’s 1:25pm and I’m debating with self in my head, whether to pull away and get to a 1:30pm seminar, or stay here a little longer, to fuel digital bits and bytes let ’em flow for a few more minutes.. and then when I disconnect from this 100mbps cnx, do I go to Will Willimon again, or sit in with Dave Tomlinson, or Erwin McManus, or someone else? decisions, decisions.. okay, be default, I’ll stay connected a lil’ longer – prefer the challenge of catching part of a conversation or presentation, than to be there whole deal, with slow introductions and meanderings..

my lunch time experiment went a little ways, saw about 15 or 20 conventioneers make their way across the street (can you hear it now: why did the Emergent attenders cross the street?), so 5 text messages an hour before the free lunch venue, plus a little word of mouth, did get some quick spread and some fuller tummies.. found out a few mins ago that one of the text msgs got truncated — all’s she got was “fre”, instead of “free lunch and details…”

they’re charging $2 more for CDs than cassettes, when we all know (don’t we?) that CDs are way cheaper to reproduce than tapes.. sigh..

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