differences, disagreement, conscience

Q: If a Christian were to have an issue or disagreement with something Paul says, such as the role of women in church (ref. 2 Timothy 2:11), what should be our response to these passages? After grappling with the issues and still coming to disagreement, should we follow the passages in faith that it’ll be explained to us sooner or later? Wouldn’t that be much like going against our conscience?

ePastor >> there is a diversity of perspectives among Christians in their interpretation and application of God’s Word. For the mature, we allow others to have their own convictions, we gently share our own convictions, and interact with them in grace and respect. Some people aren’t able to discuss disagreements for fun. Well, many people can’t. But those who are gracious in the Spirit can. For example, my pastor friend Tony Arnold is a 5-point Calvinist, but some of his best friends are Arminian, and they can engage the debate about doctrines and get heated, and when they part their ways, they can hug, laugh, and enjoy the differences. Each person has to answer to God and their own conscience, not someone else’s conscience.

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