dichotomy of following Jesus

what does it mean to follow hard after Christ? I’ve recently noticed 2 distinctly different approaches to what it means to be like Christ, one stereotypical, one wild.. the stereotypical is the one that many people in the world don’t like, (and I’m not so sure those who claim to be Christians like it either) – the overzealous desire to stay pure, avoid evil or any appearance of evil, lots of Bible study, spiritual disciplines, church programs up to 4 days a week, and sometimes coming across as holier-than-thou, being protected in the safe subculture, and praying and wanting the whole world to become like that, cf. the movie Pleasantville.. many are sincere and well-meaning, persuaded that sheltering is better than experiencing, and tend to see the world as black and white.. a primary motive is to please God, and believing that in so doing there would be more merit and blessing for themselves..

the wild ones, way out of the box and unpredictable.. following Jesus in all kinds of ways.. some may still do the spiritual disciplines, varying into older traditions, inventing new ones.. discerning along the way what it is that the Spirit would want in how to live and how to act.. the big difference perhaps is: the wild ones are more concerned about how they’re engaging the world in which they live in, and what they should do..

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