Dialogue without sacrificing your faith

Pastor Bob Roberts is stepping out in faith as an evangelical church leader and hosting a Global Faith Forum this November 11-13 in Keller, Texas, near Dallas. Watch this video of my interview with Bob Roberts, and catch his heart on why he talks graciously with non-Christians, builds friendships, and how he’s hosting this multi-faith forum:

In this time of tension between faiths, this Global Faith Forum comes as such an important time, for Christians and Muslims and Jews and other faiths to be respectful of one another’s faith and yet allow one another to hold on to their faith convictions in contrast to some other inter-faith conversations where genuine differences are glossed over. While there may be misunderstandings, that’s all the more reason it is so importance to be engaging in conversation with other faiths in this day and age and this Global Faith Forum is hosting that conversation.

Bob elaborates further on why we need a Global faith forum at his blog. He also made this video with the Prince Turqi of Saudi Arabia, where they interview each other. What a great example of multi-faith dialogue! It’s this kind of conversation that’ll be happening at the Global Faith Forum this November.

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