desparately seeking djchuang

I’m just beginning to listen and watch the podcasts and vlogs, respectively, that Aaron Klinefelter has most ably recorded from ec05. We were looking for each other on that first day in Nashville, to get sync’d up for the a midnight showing of Star Wars 3.

It was really touching to hear him wandering the sessions looking for me, and then I had sent out a few scouts with the message that I’m looking for Aaron. His podcast clip ends without finding me; but where the story ended was that he sat by the wall, waiting for me to finish my 30-minute chair massage, after finally, spotting my custom t-shirt with my URL, rightly deducing that no one else would be wearing a t-shirt with on the back except for the djchuang.

Then, later that night, you can hear a portion of our adventure in getting lost, and then found, en route to Star Wars 3. And what I looked like at 3am after seeing the movie and being interviewed (and you get to see a few sound bites of my lovely wife Rachelle).
post movie interview

[update 5/23: temporarily until Thursday, there’s some sights and sounds from EC05 at, including brief words from McLaren on where the emergent “conversation” is going]

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