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Not so desparate, yet. One theme in my life was wanting to grow up fast. I didn’t like my high pitched voice as a child, and the reaction I got from customers when I answered the phone and they’d respond “ma’am”, or when they’d ask for an adult, when I knew very well how to handle the family business.

In my twenties, I’d occasionally gripe about my lost childhood. Part of it was me hitting the accelerator. And on my 28th birthday, Rachelle threw me a lost childhood party and banished it, sorta. I remember eating corn dogs.

Now that I’m thirtysomething, it’s taken not only an emotional toll on me, but a psychic one perhaps. So I’m needing a hobby: something that’d energize me, something that I’d enjoy. That’s not too much to ask, right?

So here’s one of my avenues of exploration: digital photography. I’ve got 2 small amateurish ones, but I think it’d make a bigger difference to get an amateur digital SLR with an adjustable lens on it. My little Nikon Coolpix 5400 and Pentax Optio S50 doesn’t cut it.

This pix is me checkin’ out Enoch’s hefty digital SLR. He carried something like 20 lbs of gear with him, even to this bbq place. Yes, I can enjoy Texas brisket, especially with the recommended moist and tender. But my default preference is still Memphis style pulled pork. The pix doesn’t show it, but I’ve got way more gray and white hair on my chin now.

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  1. bumble says:

    You need a hobby? C’mon – you disguised all your hobbies as “work”, just like me. He he he…