deeply touched at a little dinner party

Dave & Jen Lemen put on the greatest little dinner party tonight, and I’m so grateful to be there. Tho’ I didn’t get into heavy conversations with everyone there: Jay (as in RevJay), Dylan, Susie, and others, I felt deeply cared for by how Jen and Susie asked about me. I needed that. It’s one of those things that Satan can get a foothold on me, or it’s my cross to bear, that somehow my imagined discouragement and dark clouds can oppress me for no good reason. Tomorrow, off the the Big Apple for a couple of days of business.

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  1. jen Lemen says:

    it was great to have you, deej! jay and i lamented that you couldn’t stay into the wee hours with us. 🙂

  2. susie says:

    yea, like she said;D
    sad you had to leave early, missed your input into our long and rousing discussions… jen & dave are the consumate hosts!