after a full day of dialogue at the API Pulpit & Pew Symposium, mostly structured in working groups, I now have a break to decompress for a moment.. some engaging conversations, and I find myself straining my vocal cords, instead of using the proper + better speaking technique of breathing with my diaphragm, so tomorrow’s cross-country return flight, with a low probability for conversation, will provide some physical relief.. as widely available as these web technologies are, I’m somewhat surprised, or the better word is: disappointed, that more people don’t use readily + freely available technologies like blogging, IM, web message board, listserv, chat room; email on occasion and web browser they use, but that seems to be about it.. so as much as the numbers say the adoption rate of using the internet is pushing 70% or so, it’s a selective limited use of the web..

to give you a preview of coming attractions, I’ve been starting to reconfigure my job description at, having worked on an internal document surveying the uses of internet technologies for ministry purposes, and in process of exploring how to better equip churches and people for using web technologies more effectively for ministry purposes.. I’m anticipating a launch in a few months, with some fanfare, how much fanfare is yet to be determined, and with summer doldrums not being particularly the best time to launch anything, I might go with a soft launch, and have a rolling start of sorts.. sorry to be intentionally vague about the developments, have to be sensitive to market forces and competition, tho’ we don’t call other companies that, I prefer the term comparable offerings….

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