death of spontaneity

Being a post-college adult means different things to different people. And being a married (spouse) and a parent means even more. More responsibilities. And that’s a good thing, because now people can count on you to deliver on your commitments, trust you with their goods, and might even pay you for your products and services. The latter is a bit too monetized, for me, but that’s how the exchange of value goes in a free-market economy. Of which I’m totally ignorant, I confess.

One thing that’s nearly gone for being an adult is spontaneity. There’s no more going on a whim and doing something with someone else. Sure, I could do something by myself pretty freely any time. I have a choice to make every moment of my waking hours. I don’t get to call up a friend at random when the spontaneous urge surfaces. Life is good when the muse shows up and inspiration flows oh so freely…

No more being spontaneous. That’s a bummer. I personally don’t like having a scheduled and planned life. Interruptions are okay by me. But I’m a responsible guy. So I’ll do the planning stuff, the calendaring stuff, the scheduling phone calls. And so the work day goes on.

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7 Responses

  1. emmfan says:

    No need to abandon all hope of spontaneity, we can always still meet up for lunch :D. But yeah, I know what you mean about immediate spontaneity. The trade-off of responsibility and immediacy.

  2. God is spontaneous and playful. Don't settle for life without spontaneity! Great book: Holy Wow!