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Today is the one-day blog tour for Dave Gibbons‘ new book, The Monkey and The Fish. And that means Dave will be roaming the blogosphere for conversations with you! He took a moment to answer a couple of my questions:

djchuang: What’s been your most surprising reaction to someone who’s read your book?

Dave: That they love it! I honestly thought the book was okay. I guess we’re our worse critics.
Monkey and Fish
djchuang: How do you encourage (the majority of) people who don’t like change, especially in the midst of a changing culture & changing world?

Dave: It’s definitely the work of the Holy Spirit! To ask people to enter into pain and suffering, eat foods they don’t like, hang out with people that make you uncomfortable is counter-cultural. I would say the key is for the one who does understand third culture to start living out the third culture life. Personally, before the movement became church-wide, I felt God telling me I had to live it out more intentionally. So my family and I moved out to Bangkok. It starts with leadership and prayer. As one engages real suffering and poverty, clarity emerges.

As you live out third culture, invite others with you on the journey. I still remember taking a group of friends with me on a third culture vision trip about 5 years ago. We have never been the same. The impact now goes beyond personal to people all over the world.

Also visit the other 10+ blogs that are part of this blog tour, where Dave answers other questions. Plus, you can watch my 15-minute interview with Dave Gibbons, visit his website at DaveGibbons.tv, and download a free sample chapter from The Monkey and The Fish. (or via Scribd)

By the way, davegibbons.tv is now powered by wordpress too!
Plus, Eugene Cho interviewed Dave this past weekend; watch the video at eugenecho.com >>

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  1. BibleDude says:

    I can appreciate that Dave points out that we need to be led by the Holy Spirit! Too often, I think, we just try to make things like this happen on our own, and then grumble when it doesn't feel right. I think that when we are led by the Spirit, and work under His strength, then we can truly make this shift to a 'third culture' perspective effectively.