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Steve Jobs and Apple’s “iPhone” is popularizing this kind of fingertip technology to the masses — it’s an LED computer screen that can recognize 2-finger gestures, akin to what the Tom Cruise character did in that Minority Report movie. Purely intuitive! Fast Company’s February 2007 issue features this conceptual breakthrough by Jeff Han for a computer screen user interface managed by fingertips. The article “Can’t Touch This” explains the concept and the exclusive demo video at shows it in action. Don’t click-thru just yet — the demo can be conveniently viewed below, since they provided the HTML code to embed it.Now, this may be old news for those of you already tuned in to the TED Blog, where innovative ideas flow faster than an open fire hydrant on a humid summer sidewalk. This technology was first demo’d in February 2006, and video below was released in August 2006:

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  1. Reyes-Chow says:

    You are a bad bad man for bringing to light all of these cool, new “gotta have it” gadgets!!! Good thing i am not wealthy enough to dive too far in 😉

  2. fernando says:

    It looks very cool, but for me the stuff from Innotive in Sth Korea (highlighted on my blog last September), still has the edge, as well as the minority report cool.

  3. Johnny Laird says:

    Loved the demo, DJ!

    …and I’ll have to check out the Innotive stuff as well, Fernando.

    Peace & Blessings