Daily Commute Podcast, April 14th edition

Daily Commute (MP3 audio) [Running time = 10:19 *recording level very low*]

This is my first commuting podcast using SoundRec on my Treo 600, during my evening commute. I converted the recorded WAV file into MP3 using MusicMatch. My headset is the Shure QuietSpot QSHB3.

There has been no post production on this clip, no bumper music, no introductory fanfare. Sorry for the occasional popping noise, not sure where that’s coming from.

The headset is the best I’ve found in terms of cost and great performance, on mobile phone calls anyways. Right before I did this, I was listening to a podcast by Nick Ciske going to the grocery store. If he can get away with that, I can talk during my commute. (Man, the popping sound is annoying.)

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