custom pizza and social networking

Just got an SMS text message from Domino’s Pizza:

From: 366466
Domino’s has the BFD waiting for you! Get a Large Unlimited topping pizza for only $10.99. Go 2 to order now!

So I went over there, and they really are offering a customized large pizza for $10.99 with unlimited toppings! BFD = big fantastic deal

On the BFD page, click on the blue “See all registered BFDs” button on the lower left column of the Flash-powered microsite, to browse the list of 539 custom-built pizzas have been registered [at time of this post]. The most popular pizza, “No Mush”, has been ordered 116 times, probably b/c it defaults to this one on the BFD home page. The next most popular “20,000 meats under the cheese” has been ordered 97 times already. And, you can conveniently order one of these pre-customized pizzas by clicking on the “Add to cart” button. Would you say Yummo?

[update] just found out there’s a Best BFD Builder contest, winner gets $500; build your pizza before January 27th.

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No Responses

  1. Steve K. says:

    I love it, DJ — Pizza 2.0!

    I’m virtually salivating right now 😉

  2. AO Flores says:

    But I’d have to tape it right to my gut instead. It’d make it go to where it’s gonna stay faster. I wanna slice.