culmination of 6 months of work

Today starting at noon will be a 24-hour event that’ll be the “big dance” culmination of my work at Leadership Network in partnership with L2 Foundation.

I’ll not comment on the behind-the-scenes of this event to keep its mystique, but in short, what we’re doing is gathering 17 multi-Asian and/or multi-ethnic churches from around the country to provide them with a wide perspective of working ministry models and to facilitate the participants’ discussion of ministry strategies. It’ll be a fast-paced energetic time! Bruce Reyes-Chow and Seth Kim have already mentioned this event on their blog; it’ll be great to visit with them and the 32 others participating.

While I’ve been meeting one-on-one and doing phone interviews with more than 100 next generation Asian American churches, this is unique opportunity for these pastors and one of their associates to get face-to-face time to talk with each other (instead of just with me) about what’s happening in their respective churches.

Yesterday, had great conversations with Brian Kim, campus pastor at NewSong NOC, who’d arrived earlier for this event. He kept probing after what my best hope and outcome would be, and after several evasive maneuvers, I finally answered with: I hope I can continue doing this kind of work for years to come. Let me qualify that remark here — while I’ll probably be connecting pastors for the rest of my life, I’m not sure I’ll get paid for doing it for the rest of my career.

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  1. I am extremely excited for this event! DJ, I hope this gathering is momentous for your work. You are leading a great discussion for Asian-American Churches – it is really encouraging to see this happening. I assume the conversations will only just begin from this gathering.

  2. Reyes-Chow says:

    “Big dance” — no one said anything about dancing 😉 Junior High flashbacks. I am looking forward to it. See you in a few hours. Very few expectations on my part.

  3. e cho says:

    job well done. enjoy…