cramming meetups, cars, and scheds

It’s not exactly what you’d call a vacation, but that’s what this week is counting against me on my timesheet. I’m living on borrowed time here, without a reliable Internet connection, and hopping from WiFi spot here and there, or on this post, borrowing a stray WiFi signal from a neighbor. So that’s partly why there isn’t more blogging going on, even though I do have more time on my hands, sorta.

Made it a family day yesterday, going out to Dana Point and Ocean Institute, and kept a low profile. Only shook 4 hands at church; someone had predicted 12. See, I’m not as prominent and noticeable as some of you thinks. Tomorrow I’ve got 3 meetups lined up, and that’ll take all day b/c of traffic and quality time. Thursday is an all-day consultation; Friday and Saturday are set aside to hang out at the Newsong Leadership Conference.

I did get to visit with my friend Rudy Carrasco last Friday over lunch, and a quick jaunt around his ‘hood, and saw Sam too. He has a little haven (see below) amidst all the other activities that happen there in urban ministry at Harambee. And, it looks like I beat him to a blog post about that lunch – thought for sure he’d use his data plan and beam something online right after our lunch meetup. Rudy posted proof of our meetup on Sunday, stylized through some kind of Photoshop artistic filter.

Rudy lounging

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