counting down 50 reasons to attend Innovation3 Gathering

There’s something to counting down the days to some big event: Christmas and the advent season — we’ve got this wreath on our front door; end of the year lists for 2008; top predictions for 2009; whatever. (some even count down hours and minutes, especially if you’re an internet campus of a church).

According to the calendar, we are now 49 days away from the Innovation3 Gathering on January 27-28, 2009 in Dallas!

Every day leading up to the Innovation3 Gathering, Leadership Network will count down 50 reasons for why you must attend, one reason for every day!

Reason #50: No stump speeches. Reason #49: not your father’s conference. Check the Innovation3 blog every day for count down of more reasons, or you can follow @innovation3 on twitter.

And, look at the website for more details and you can easily register online. And, follow along with the count down.


[disclosure: I work at Leadership Network and that means I’ll be at Innovation3 — that can count as Reason #51, right? Todd Rhoades is Reason #52.]

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