Conversatio Podcast on Technology and the (emerging) Church

We were part of a podcast last Monday at Conversatio, on the topic of Technology and the (emerging) Church. I was online via Skype with Jen Lemen, Nick Ciske, and Aaron Klinefelter (host). The MP3 audio is on the server, but not yet linked up. Yet more technical difficulties. *sigh*

[background: Last Monday, right before our scheduled time for our Skype conference call, my DSL at home quits working; Jen suggested I go to Starbucks, and I drive over; then there’s too much ambiant noise, so I sit in my car just outside the Starbucks, and then the signal was too weak; on the way home, I find out Nick left me a voicemail saying his Internet connection was down; I drive back home, and we finally all get online..]

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