connections real and virtual

Conversations are life for me, and had a number of them with people here at The Vine. And, even a few of them are bloggers: Ray Levesque (Salmon House), Kami Rice (The Coffeehouse Journals), Nancy Chan. Ray and his wife Liz are doing a phenomenal work with New Gatherings, connecting those Native Americans (aka those in First Nations cultures) who are following God in the way of Jesus; and for them, it is not helpful to be known as Christians. And I’m told, the Christian label and the Messianic Jew label are also not helpful for that community of Jesus followers.

Hyperlinks are worth a few more brownie points than mention of names, in the commodity of search engine page rankings. So, while I’m somewhat grateful for John Musick (of Bluer) for mentioning my being a part of a podcast with him, and mentioning my URL even, it’d be worth so much more if he would have hyperlinked me.

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  1. john says:


    How are you my friend! Not doing too well with that passive aggressivity problem, I see. That’s ok, I Pastor Minnesotans, so I’m used to it.

    The truth is, I simply do not know how to hyperlink…there I said it. It’s out in the open now. As much as would like to appear too self-important to bother to hyperlink, the truth is this simple blogging tool escapes me.

    In fact NOT hyperlinking is kind of a protest against that lack of user intuition inherrant in blogging programs, by requiring normal folk to have to cut and past lines of code, come on, just make me a button to push – aargh!

    I do not use a blogging interface, I know nothing about writing even the most simple of codes (nor do I desire to learn) and I use a mac which may bring another set of issues. Should the Lord bring to me in person an Apple using wordpress blogger to show me the way, I shall remain hyperlinkless. But the moment I learn, you will be my first hyperlink, I promise!